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European Mediterranean Modelling  Symposium Opportunity for Publication

Excellent papers of the EMSS TRACK in SIMULATION AND OPTIMIZATION will be considered for being extended as a SPRINGER chapter for the next Volume 3 on Applied Simulation and Optimization:  LINK

For the submission to the TRACK of the EMSS’18 conference  follow the LINK

Problems in industries, services, aviation and in general supply chain management problems can be either modeled using classical optimization techniques or approaches based on simulation techniques. The former techniques have the advantage that they perform efficiently when the problems are properly defined, but they present the drawback that are generally based on some fixed parameters. Furthermore, sometimes important information is lost during the abstraction process in order to fit the problem in the optimization technique; on the other hand, simulation approaches have the advantage that they possess high description levels but the optimization is generally performed taking samples of the whole possible configurations that the system can have.

In later years scientific community is concerned in developing hybrid approaches that benefit from the advantages of both paradigms in order to give good solutions to important problems in services, production processes or supply chains such as scheduling, routing problems and resource allocations among others.

The objective of this Series is to present recent developments or case studies that combine simulation/optimization techniques in order to give solutions to problems in those fields.